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Frequently asked questions

What is the size of the models?

That depends on the aircraft type and the scale, of course. You can calculate it by dividing the size of the real aircraft (see aircraft data) by the scale. So for a 747-400 1:400 model this is 70.67m / 400 = 0.177 m = 17.7 cm.

I am a regular customer, can you give me a discount?

Our prices are already quite low. However we offer an additional discount to our most loyal customers. This discount is based on your total amount spent in our shop, after Februari 24, 2013. Discounts start if you have spent over € 500 in total. Please read more about our customer loyalty program. Furthermore we give a discount on shipping costs for all orders over € 100 (please see the shipping page). We cannot give any other discounts.

I made two orders, can you combine them to save on shipping costs?

No, this is not possible for various reasons:
Until you finish the payment for your order you can still add models on the order status page. So please think well if your order is complete before proceeding with the payment.

Can you please add a model to/remove a model from an order I already paid?

No, please see the answer above.

I live outside the EU, can you put a lower price on the customs clearance?

No, this is illegal to do.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship worldwide! Please read the shipping page for more information.

I made a bank transfer, did you receive it?

When we receive your payment you will receive an email automatically. Also the payment info on the order status page will be updated. Bank transfers can be very slow. Sometimes bank transfers fail completely, usually due to a wrong or missing order id, or due to a wrong amount transferred. In these cases we don't receive the payment, and our payment provider Adyen sends the money back to your bank account.

I received a broken model

Please see the damages page.

I want to buy a model of type X and airline Y, can you make it?

We do not make the models, we sell existing models of different brands (Herpa, GeminiJets, etc.). The brands decide what models they make. We always stock ALL new models of the brands we sell, if we don't have a model it just doesn't exist (or it is not available).

When will you receive model X

If we know, the info is on the website and the model can be pre-ordered. If this info is not on the website we don't know.