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Airbus fleet Aero Spacelines Boeing 377SGT Super Guppy

Airbus fleet - Aero Spacelines Boeing 377SGT Super Guppy (Herpa Wings 1:500)

Airbus fleet

Aero Spacelines Boeing 377SGT Super Guppy

Herpa is premiering a model of the so-called “Super Guppy”. The unusual capacity freighters B-377-SGT, based on the Boeing 377 “Stratocruiser” was named that because its shape resembles the bloated shape of a pregnant ornamental fish “Guppy”. Only four of these freighters were manufactured between 1973 and 1983. Airbus transported giant airplane components between its European productions plants with them. The original of this model with the registration F-BPPA is number 2 and today exhibited at Blagnac Airport in Toulouse. The all-metal model in the 1/500 scale will be released with rubber tires and moveable and true-to-scale landing-gear. 
Scale:  1:500 
Brand: Herpa Wings
Nr: 508940

In stock: 1

Added to website: 2009-05-28

Our price: € 21.50
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