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Frequently asked questions

About the products

What is the size of the models?
That depends on the aircraft type and the scale, of course. Please see this page for more info.

I want to buy a model of type X and airline Y. Do you have it? Can you get it/make it?
All models we sell are on the website, please use the search function.
We do not make the models, we sell existing models of different brands (Herpa, GeminiJets, etc.). The brands decide what models they make. We always stock ALL models of the brands we sell, if we don't have a model it just doesn't exist or it is not available any more.

When will you receive new release X?
Usually we don't know. If we know, this information is on the product page.

Is model X in stock?
All current stock info is on the website.

Do the models have rolling wheels?
Some models do, others don't. If you want to roll your model across the room please buy a toy plane from the toy shop. The models we sell are not made to play with.

About reservations

Can I reserve a model?
Yes, if you have an account you can add models to your reservations list. See the reservations page for more info.

My reservation is about to expire, can you please keep it longer for me?
Sorry, this is not possible. The system calculates for how long you can reserve models. Please understand that we keep lots of reservations for lots of customers. This takes a lot of expensive space, we have to pay the insurance, pay the models, and we have the risk of not selling reservations in the end. So we really have to put a limit on the reservations. But as your order history increases you will be able to extend reservations more often.

But I want to wait until I can order the reservation together with a future release.
It can take weeks, months or years before future releases become available. We cannot hold your reservation that long.

Can you keep my reservation longer if I pay for it already?
No, sorry. Credit card regulations forbid to take payments for orders that are not shipped immediately.

About shipping

Do you ship to my country?
We ship worldwide, with a few exceptions. Please see the shipping page for more information.

Why don't you offer free shipping?
Unfortunately free shipping doesn't exist. If shipping is 'free', the shipping costs are in the (higher) product price. We choose to keep the product price as low as possible.

When will you ship my order?
Please see our shipping schedule

I made two separate orders, can you combine them to save on shipping costs?
No, this is not possible. You were informed about this during the ordering procedure.
Instead of combining orders you can reserve models and order them in one go.

I live outside the EU, can you put a lower price on the customs form?
No, this is illegal to do. You should also realize that doing this may result in a serious penalty or even prosecution. The CN22 or CN23 customs form is created automatically, we can't change it manually.

Can I pick up a model from your warehouse?
No, we only sell through our website and we can't accept visitors in our warehouse.

I made an order, can you please delay the shipment?
Orders will be packed and sent after we have received the payment . If you don't want us to ship your order now please don't order yet, but reserve the models instead.

My order was sent back to you because I didn't collect it. But I was never notified that the parcel was ready for collection. Can you please send it again?
We can, but you will have to pay the shipping costs again. We already had to pay shipping costs and the return shipping cost. There may be several reasons you did not receive a notification, the most common one is a badly working spam filter. It's always the responsibility of the customer to check the tracking info regularly, in case you do not receive the notification from UPS, DPD or the mail company.

About your order

Can you please add a model to/remove a model from my order?
No, as soon as you have confirmed your order you can't change it anymore. You were informed about this during the ordering procedure. Orders are often packed immediately. Repackaging would take us a lot of time, as well as the administration involved. However if you didn't pay your order yet you can cancel it so you can make a new, complete, order.

Instead of changing orders you can reserve models and order them in one go.

I live inside the EU and have a VAT number, can you sell me without charging VAT?
We only sell to private collectors and not to companies, so we always charge VAT within the EU.

Can you please check all models in my order for imperfections?
We want to be honest about this: we can't. Some of the reasons are: Of course we always try to do a quick check on the models, especially for known issues with some models/brands. And if you receive a model with an issue we will help you, please see the damages page.

Please don't believe any other serious online shop if they pretend to check all models. This is simply impossible with the low margins common for online shops. If you want to be 100% sure to receive a flawless models the only way is to buy from your local model shop in person and check all models yourself. They will be happy with your support!

I am a collector, can you please send me the best box you have?
Most of our customers are collectors and we treat all customers the same. It would not be fair to send a "better" box to customers who ask for it. Also we just don't have the time to take requests like this.
Boxes are meant to protect the model. They can sometimes have minor wear due to shipping and/or handling in the warehouse. If that's a problem for you we advise you to buy from a physical model shop instead.

Why is there an order limit?
The order limit is € 550 (before discount) for orders inside the EU, € 350 for orders outside the EU. Some reasons for these limits are: I received a broken model
Please see the damages page.

Other questions

Can you give me a discount?
The only discount we give is our loyalty discount, which is applied automatically if you have an account with us.

When will you have a sale? Will you have a Black Friday Sale?
We will never have a sale. The models we sell have a certain value, they are not fashion items or electronics that lose value over time. On the contrary. Our huge stock is one of our advantages, it wouldn't make sense to get rid of models in a sale and lose money on them. Also it would be unfair towards customers that paid the normal price before the sale started.

I want to sell my collection. Are you interested?
No, sorry. We only sell new models that we purchase from our suppliers.