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If you've received a broken model, we are very sorry. But don't worry, we will solve your problem.

Please first contact us by replying to the order confirmation email. We will need a photo of the problem, which you can attach to your email. Please make sure to mention the model number in your email. In case of shipping damage make sure to contact us as soon as possible, within 3 days upon receipt.

If possible we will send a spare part with your next order. If a broken model can't be repaired we usually need it back. After we have received the broken model we will send you a replacement with your next order. But please always contact us before returning the model, returning the model is not always necessary.

When sending back models from outside the European Union please write 'RETURNED GOODS - BROKEN ITEM' on the CN22/CN23 customs document with a value of € 0. If you don't do this customs charges are applied, and we will NOT ACCEPT the parcel. In some cases we may pay the customs charges, but they will be subtracted from the refund.

What we don't consider as damage:
Parts (motors, wings, antennas, etc) of fully assembled models may disassemble during transportation. This can easily be solved by re-inserting the loose part, with or without a drop of super glue. Usually this is not a reason for a refund or replacement. Of course this is different if there's also 'real' damage like severe paint damage.

Boxes are not always 100% mint, due to transport from the manufacturer to us or transport from us to you. A box is meant to protect the model, a damaged box is no reason for a refund.

The parts of cheaper snap-fit models are sometimes difficult to assemble. But if customers return such models to us, we always manage to assemble them. If you think a part really does not fit, you can file off a little bit of the plastic connection that goes into the fuselage. If a part falls out easily, this can be fixed with a small drop of super glue. Minor paint defects are common and no reason for replacement or refund.

Gears of metal models, especially Gemini and JC Wings, are often slightly crooked. They can be carefully bend into the a better position. This is normal for these models and no reason for replacement or refund.

Polished models often have small scratches and/or stains on the polished surface. This is common and no reason for replacement or refund.

It must be taken into account that models are always partially hand made, and will often have minor imperfections. Customers ordering models accept the presence of minor imperfections and will not be eligible for refund.


In accordance with European legislation, ordered items can be returned within 14 days of receipt. However, we will only accept returns if we receive the items in the same condition as we have sent it to the customer. If you return a complete order from within the EU, we will also refund the costs of the cheapest shipping method to your country*. We will not pay the shipping costs for returning the goods. Refunds will be applied to the card or bank account that was used for paying the order.

When returning models from outside the European Union please write 'RETURNED GOODS - FAILED SALE' on the CN22/CN23 customs document with the real value of the item. We will have to pay customs charges before the delivery to us, these charges will be subtracted from the refund.

Please note that processing returns cost us a lot of time and money. If we think a customer returns too much items we may end the customer discount or stop accepting orders from the customer.

* If the parcel was refused or was not collected at the collection point the shipping costs will not be reimbursed.

Address and packaging instructions

The return address is:
Waarderweg 56
2031BP Haarlem
The Netherlands

Please write your order number on the box and if possible put the invoice inside the box.

Always use a solid box for sending returns, like the one we used for sending the model to you. Never put models in an envelope as this will cause damage to the model!
Always send the models back in their original and complete packaging. Use enough stuffing material in such way that the returned items are protected on all sides and can't move inside the parcel. The customer is responsible for any damage or loss during the return procedure.