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In our webshop we sell collectable diecast and plastic aviation miniatures, mainly in the scales 1:500, 1:400 and 1:200.
We only sell to private collectors and not to companies. Prices always include VAT for customers inside the European Union.

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Due to a lack of commercial flights we currently can't send parcels to several non-European countries. But we CAN ship to all countries listed on our shipping page. If you see a shipping price in the top right corner of our website, we do ship to your country.

Please note that delays are to be expected for all shipping methods. Especially mail parcels can take a long time to arrive.

For Europe, please expect mail delays to Norway, the UK and Ukraine. If possible please choose DPD or UPS.

Outside Europe please expect delays for: Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mexico, Panama and the US.
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Our 10 advantages

Huge stock - We stock ALL available models from most brands like Herpa, Inflight200, JC Wings, Skymarks, Hogan and Sky500. So not just the newest releases, but all models that we can still get for you. The models are stocked in our own warehouse, so you can be sure the stock info on the website is always up to date.
Free reservation service - Are you sure you want to order a future release and you don't want to miss out? Then our reservation service was made for you! And you can also reserve available models to minimize shipping costs. This service is completely free, you only pay for the models once you are ready to place your order.
Customer loyalty program - Regular customers will get an extra discount up to 5%, based on your order history. Once you have earned a discount this applies to ALL your future orders!
Low shipping costs - Please see the shipping page for our low worldwide shipping rates. Note that these prices always include full insurance!
No payment costs - We don't ask additional fees for most payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, iDeal and Bancontact. See our payment page for all payment methods we offer.
No hidden fees - Unlike other shops we don't ask any additional handling or insurance fees during the ordering procedure.
Fair return policy - Not happy with your purchase? Models can always be returned for a full refund, shipping costs included. While this is required by European law, lots of shops refuse to refund shipping costs. Others charge a restocking fee. We don't think that's fair for you!
Free Herpa catalog - We include a free Herpa catalog with your order if you opt for this during checkout. Currently only available for orders sent with UPS or DPD.
We respect your privacy - We don't use any cookies to track your online behaviour, and we don't allow any third parties to track you on our website.
Reliable - Founded in 2004, exists for over 17 years already!

Latest announcements

2022-11-25   NG Models December 2022
2022-11-22   GeminiJets December 2022
2022-11-12   B Models November 2022
2022-11-11   NG Models November 2022
2022-11-07   JC Wings October 2022
2022-11-07   Inflight200 November 2022
2022-11-01   Aviation200 November 2022
2022-10-29   El Aviador October 2022
2022-10-28   Aviation400 October 2022
2022-10-28   Aviation200 October 2022
2022-10-27   Inflight200 October 2022
2022-10-11   Fantasy Wings October 2022
2022-10-09   NG Models October 2022
2022-10-06   KUM Models October 2022
2022-09-29   Herpa Snap-Fit November - December 2022
2022-09-29   Herpa Wings November - December 2022
2022-09-29   Herpa Wings July - August 2022
2022-09-29   Herpa Wings September - October 2021
2022-09-29   KUM Models September 2022

New in stock

Flybe - Bombardier Q400 (AeroClix 1:100) TUI Airways - Boeing 737 MAX 8 (AeroClix 1:200) RAF UK Government - Airbus A321neo (AeroClix 1:200) CP Air - McDonnell Douglas DC-8-63 (Inflight200 1:200) Flying Tigers - Douglas DC-8-63F (Inflight200 1:200) Thai Airways International - Douglas DC-8-62CF (Inflight200 1:200) SAS Scandinavian Airlines - Douglas DC-8-62 (Inflight200 1:200) Pan Am - Douglas DC-8-62 (Inflight200 1:200) NASA - McDonnell Douglas DC-8-72 (Inflight200 1:200) Hawaiian Air - Douglas DC-8-62H/CF (Inflight200 1:200) Alitalia - McDonnell Douglas DC-8-62H (Inflight200 1:200) Aeromexico - Douglas DC-8-62 (Inflight200 1:200) Swissair - Douglas DC-8-62 (B Models 1:200) Air China - Airbus A350-941 (Aviation400 1:400) Sichuan Airlines - Airbus A350-941 (Aviation400 1:400) Airbus / Qantas - Airbus A350-1000 (Aviation400 1:400) Etihad Airways - Airbus A350-1041 (Aviation400 1:400) More