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Antonov Airlines Antonov AN-225

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Antonov Airlines

Antonov AN-225

Originally designed to transport the space shuttle Buran, the once only airworthy “Mriya” (“Dream”) featuring the Ukrainian country colors mainly transported cargo until it was destroyed by missiles after the Russian invasion in Ukraine.
This model cannot be placed on a stand.
Scale:  1:400 
Dimensions: see this page
Material: mainly metal
Stand: not included
Brand: Herpa Wings Info
Nr: 562287

In stock: 5+

Added to website: 2011-12-05

Our price: € 47.00
≈ $ 50.62 excl. VAT
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Customer reviews

Adam 2017-07-23
Adam 2017-07-23
Giorgio 2018-04-03
Belinda 2018-09-28
Soh 2019-06-17
really heavy and big plane compare with C919 haha
Luis Gerardo 2019-07-03
everything well detailed are great!
Santiago 2020-02-19
Great details on the model. Almost same as 1:500 but bigger.
Philip 2020-10-10
so good
Milan 2020-11-23
yendis 2021-03-03
Super quality, Lots of details.
Muito top, cheio de detalhes.
Recomendo \ ^,^/
Philip 2021-04-28
buy all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nicolas 2021-07-27
Very very heavy and detailed! Marvelous made aircraft!
Mohammad Haider Haroon 2021-07-30
Excellent model at an excellent price.. Highly detailed and a heavy solid model. Lucky to get it via scalemodelstore site.
Balea 2021-11-26
Very good quality, very detailed model. I am happy with this purchase.
Koen 2022-03-07
Perfect model.