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Table of used materials

Please note that exceptions to this table may exist!
Herpa *metalmetalmetal or plastic*
GeminiJetsmetal **metal +stand
JC Wingsmetalmetalmetal +stand
HobbyMastermetal +stand
Herpa Snap Fit (Wooster)plastic +stand
Hogan ***metal +standmetal +standplastic +stand
Dragon Wingsmetal body, plastic wings +stand
* please refer to Herpa's brochures where the used material for each model is indicated (M = metal, K = plastic)
** stands for GeminiJets 1:400 models are sold separately.
*** If Hogan models have a 'G' in the model number, a landing gear is included


Herpa, founded in 1949, is a well known German model manufacturer. It started as a manufacturer of accessories for model trains, but later it added cars, trucks and finally also airplanes to it's product line. The so called Herpa Wings range is known best for it's comprehensive 1:500 range. But their 1:200 line is also very popular. A few years ago Herpa started making 1:400 models as well, but the number of new 1:400 models is much smaller than in the 1:500 and 1:200 ranges unfortunately. More recently Herpa started producing 1:600 and 1:1000 models. We don't sell these models as we don't like the lack of details on these tiny models.

The Herpa Wings 1:500 models are almost all made of metal, as well as the 1:400 models. For 1:200 the used material depends on the airplane type. In Herpa's nice brochures you can find the used material for each model (M = metal, K = plastic)


GeminiJets is based in Las Vegas, Nevada (U.S.A.) and was founded in 1998. They produce 1:400, 1:250, and 1:200 civil airplane models and 1:400 and 1:72 military aircraft models. We only sell their 1:400 range, and some older 1:200 models.

All GeminiJets models are mainly made of metal. Some 1:200 models can be really heavy!


HobbyMaster makes very high quality 1:200 metal models. Their range consists of older airplane types only, the A310 being the newest one.


Wooster is a brand now owned by PPC Holland. Wooster models are plastic snap fit models, usually in the scales 1:200, 1:250 or 1:100. But other scales do exist. Wooster models are much less detailed than their Herpa, Hogan or GeminiJets equivalents, but they are also much cheaper. We sell all available new Wooster models.

Hogan Wings

All Hogan 1:400 and 1:500 models are mainly made of metal. Hogan 1:200 models are high quality plastic snap fit models.

Dragon Wings

Dragon Models Limited is based in Hong Kong. In 1997 they started their Dragon Wings range, 1:400 die-cast airplane models. Dragon models have a metal body but plastic wings.