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Message about GeminiJets

The past few months GeminiJets was unable to fulfill our order for several models. For these models sometimes less than 1/4 or even 1/5 of our order was fulfilled. While we limited these models to one per customer, lots of customers were not even able to get a single item of the GeminiJets model they reserved. We are very sorry for this, but please understand there’s not much we can do about this if GeminiJets can’t deliver.

To make things even worse; instead of delivering all models in one go we now often receive a part of our GeminiJets order right after release, and then another (small) part after one month. This makes it impossible for us to inform customers if we can fulfill their reservation or not.

What we will do from now on is limiting the order quantity to one per customer for ALL new GeminiJets releases. When allocating the (too) limited models we will continue to give priority to customers who reserved first and have an order history in our shop. Please understand we can’t answer your questions if we can fulfill your reservation or not for the reason stated above. Once we are sure a model is sold out we will mark it as "not available anymore" on our website.

On a more positive note we can inform you that all other brands are able to deliver enough to us. Sometimes models sell out very quickly and in rare cases some customers have to wait for a second production run, but we have always been able to fulfill all reservations for all brands except GeminiJets.