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Iron Maiden Boeing 747-400

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Iron Maiden

Boeing 747-400

Pioneers of the British heavy metal scene, Iron Maiden are the most successful band in their genre. Founded in 1975, Iron Maiden are a global phenomenon, having performed in over 60 countries around the world. _x000D_For each of their massive world tours in 2008, 2011 and 2016, the band chartered a specially branded aircraft. Nicknamed “Ed Force One” after the band’s mascot Eddie, each aircraft sported a design of the album and the corresponding world tour. Pilot was none other than lead singer Bruce Dickinson himself, as he was also a commercial pilot with the charter airline Astraeus, the owner of the Boeing 757 aircraft used on their 2008 and 2011 tours. _x000D_For the Book of Souls World Tour that started in 2016 and took the band to six continents, Iron Maiden upgraded to the “Queen of the Skies”, a Boeing 747-400. Again piloted by frontman Bruce Dickinson, he had to train and receive type-rating to be able to fly the 180-ton jumbo jet. Compared to the Boeing 757s used on the two previous tours, the larger aircraft offered considerably more space for the band and crew, a longer range and also a much larger cargo hold to more quickly load and unload the stage equipment. _x000D_Collect all three aircraft in the Ed Force One model series!_x000D_© 2021 Iron Maiden LLP. Iron Maiden ® Under License to Global Merchandising Services Ltd.
Scale: 1:250
Dimensions: see this page
Material: plastic
Stand: included
Brand: Herpa Snap-Fit Info
Nr: 613293

In stock: 4

Added to website: 2021-08-24
Brochure / announcement: July - August 2021
Ed Force One - The Book of Souls World Tour 2016

Our price: € 29.40
≈ $ 31.26 excl. VAT
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