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Protective Cover

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Protective Cover

The original Aviationtag protective case – a custom accessory for your Aviationtags!

The original Aviationtag case is custom designed for your tag and provides optimum protection against scratches and damage. Its transparent silicone ensures that every detail of your unique tag is still visible!

The case can be slipped on over your tag in a few easy steps, hugging it like a second skin – no matter whether your tag is the relatively thin Cessna 150 edition or the extremely stable Windrose Airbus A330 series. Just twist the key chain off the tag, remove the ring, slip the case over and you’re all set!
Scale: n.a. Info
Material: plastic
Brand: Aviationtag Info
Nr: Cover

In stock: 5+

Added to website: 2022-03-02

Our price: € 5.90
≈ $ 6.36 excl. VAT
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Customer reviews

Aleksei 2022-06-24
A pretty good case to keep your aviation tag safe. Please, pay attention that the case is made of transparent rubber, so, all the dust sticks to it.
WMX 2023-01-16
Works well, but was slightly difficult to put on