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UPS Airlines Boeing 747-100F

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UPS Airlines

Boeing 747-100F

When N673UP became the first Boeing 747 to join UPS Airlines' fleet, it had already logged quite a few hours: it was delivered to American Airlines back in 1971. While the original 747s of the 100 series have long since been phased out, newer variants of the 747 are still the flagships of the impressive cargo fleet. Our model is released in the original UPS livery: in plain white and the typical brown, which is well-known from its delivery vehicles worldwide. A wide cheatline was applied across the fuselage: Since the aircraft used in the early years were all converted passenger aircraft, it was thus possible to cover up the passenger windows that were no longer needed.
Scale:  1:500 
Dimensions: see this page
Material: mainly metal
Stand: not included
Brand: Herpa Wings Info
Nr: 537063

In stock: 5+

Added to website: 2023-10-23
Brochure / announcement: September - October 2023

Our price: € 34.85
≈ $ 37.05 excl. VAT
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Customer reviews

Emanuele 2024-04-06
Extremely high quality. This model is a limited edition and I’m happy to own one of those in my collection. Thank you!