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US Air Force Convair XB-58 Hustler

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US Air Force

Convair XB-58 Hustler

Over 60 years after its maiden flight, the B-58 has not lost any of its elegance. The main goal was to develop a strategic bomber that could reach twice the speed of sound. The result was a sleek delta-winged aircraft with a “wasp waist” or “coke bottle” fuselage. The main weapons load, a strategic bomb was combined into a fuel tank pod. In addition, four tactical nuclear bombs could be carried on the fuselage sides. 
Scale:  1:200  Info
Material: mainly metal
Brand: Herpa Wings Info
Nr: 559850

In stock: new release, not available yet
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Added to website: 2019-04-11
Brochure / announcement: July - August 2019

Our price: € 46.00
≈ $ 51.92

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