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US Air Force Boeing VC-25A (747-200)

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US Air Force

Boeing VC-25A (747-200)

Over the last two years the aircraft which are affectionately known as Air Force One have been going through some upgrades, what exactly these entail we of course will not understand however for an external point the antennas on the aircraft have been moved and revised. With these significant visual upgrades Inflight200 felt that these models should once again be released even more so when they are due to retire in the near future with the soon to be introduced Boeing 747-8. The models will have all the changes with the different antenna and as always will be made in limited numbers.

In addition to the models these shall have a special keychain which will only come with the models and will be supplied with a special white stand.
Scale:  1:200  Info
Material: mainly metal
Stand: included
Brand: Inflight200 Info
Nr: IFVC25A0322P

In stock: 5+

Added to website: 2022-08-09
Brochure / announcement: April 2022
Air Force One
Our price: € 186.20
≈ $ 199.23 excl. VAT
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